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pedicabs are a fun easy way to get around parts of d.c., especially for tourists. should they be regulated? the guys and the bikes weighing in. we are speaking with some of the stars of tomorrow about what it really takes to make it to the national level. the temperatures are heating up in a big way. how hot will it get as we head into the new week. you'll want to hear this one. a standoff tonight over a tourist favorite. i'm will thomas. we are talking about pedicabs. the numbers are on the rise, and so is the tension. now there could be new rules
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for these guys. roz plater is in the newsroom to start us off. >> the drivers say they feel under siege from all sides after five years relatively problem free, now d.c. is set to impose a new set of regulations. >> reporter: the pedicab drivers will be the first to tell you their numbers are growing. but they say so is the tension between them and park police on the national mall. >> this year more than last we're being treated something like prostitutes out here, where it's a crime where most of the time the cops look the other way, but every now and then they bust some heads. >> reporter: tension came to a head friday evening when an officer arrested one of the drivers and chased him. witnesses claim it was unprovoked. >> the park police officer got on top of him and held him on the ground, face down, and said, get on your back, get on your back, twice, as he was pinning him down and fired the
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taser a second time. >> reporter: a spokesman for the police told fox five the driver was tased after he assaulted the officer. the spokesman denied a crackdown, saying officers are going after drivers who clog the roadways, impede traffic and stand illegally in crosswalk and handicap spaces. there is word d.c. is on track to regulate the pedicabs, too. mayor gray said this week they're trying to figure out how. >> they're like bicycles, but are not. like automobiles, but not automobiles. then the question is, which agency is most appropriate one to regulate them? >> reporter: but the independent drivers fear that just means more red tape. they say they already follow the bicycle road rules and the company they lease the cabs from inspects and maintains the vehicles. they also fear two different jurisdictions will impose two separate sets of rules in one small city. >> really, there are like 70
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pedicabs more or less in the city at any time. to take the time to legislate that, and some of that is not effective on the mall, because it's driven by the federal government, which is where we probably send 60 or more percent of our time. >> the mayor says the district department of transportation is drafting new legislation. >> roz, thank you. we are looking at big changes in temperatures this week. it's not just the heat you should be ready for. gwen is up with your first weather. >> hi, you are right, will. the temperatures will be rising very quickly over the course of the next few days. we really want you to be prepared. today is an example of how hot it can get. 89 at national airport today. 89 at dulles and 91 degrees at baltimore. right now we have hardly any clouds to speak of. we had a fairly clear day with
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a ridge of high pressure in control. that ridge is going to dominate our weather pattern into the course of tomorrow as well, and tonight our temperatures are still into the 80s. the low 80s in most of our neighborhoods. still very warm out there. humidity is starting to creep back in as well. that's the next thing we're going to be dealing with. tonight, mostly cloudy. warm, a comfortable night. winds from the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. get ready for that heat wave. we definitely have big changes, as we move through into the course of the week we have triple digit days. the heat indices is definitely going to be in the triple digits. we have heat safety tips and i want you to be aware we're talking dangerous heat and plenty of sunshine. d.c. police are seeing another spike in robberies along a popular city bike trail. now the guardian angels are getting involved and are asking for your help. karen gray houston has more tonight.
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>> reporter: the metropolitan branch trail runs from union station through elkington in northeast up to silver springs. it snakes along side metro and amtrak in the shadow of the capitol in an urban environment, dotted with heavy machinery. >> if something did go down, where would you go? nowhere to run if someone attacked you. >> reporter: this man and his wife were surprised to learn of incidents from early may to early june and two robberies in the past two weeks, including one assault where a taser was brandished. >> makes me wonder was it gang violence. >> reporter: one of the more recent incidents along this isolated stretch, a man and woman were riding their bikes and were confronted by two young men who snatched them off the bikes. the man was assaulted. one of the bikes was stolen. that was 11:00 on a saturday
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night. last friday, around 8:15 a.m., police say a man was robbed at grandparent near r street -- gunpoint near r street. the suspect asked for the time of day. the victim took out his iphone to see, and the robber stole his phone and wallet. >> somebody asks what time it is, you have to be safe. >> reporter: the guardian angels have started patrols from 6:00 to 9:00 on wednesday and thursday evenings. some civilians have stepped in and they're asking for more help. >> i'm going to ask for more help in the morning. >> if they reach for you, hit them, full on, and land on them, hurt them with your weight and the bike. that is your weapon. if they're going to stand in front of you and try snatch you off the bike, let them pay the price. >> reporter: police say be aware your surroundings and call 911 if you see anything
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suspicious. karen gray houston, fox five news. we know of the name of a man killed in a glider crash. 55-year-old james dayton is his name. he was killed friday when the glider he was in crashed into the trees near the airport in hollywood. the ntsb says the crash happened shortly after takeoff when the glider became disconnected from the plane pulling it. the white house is helding out hope a deal can be reached before the deadline for raising the debt ceiling on august 2nd. congressional leaders and the president are nowhere close to an agreement. fox five's sarah simmons is following the new developments. >> reporter: president obama says he's willing to compromise in the debt negotiations. but republicans don't see much give in his proposal. last week senate republican leader mitch mcconnell suggested passing legislation, giving the president authority to raise the debt ceiling. many believe it's a drastic move. >> what it does, it says we the
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congress will not take responsibility or accountability for our own decisions. it's a political answer, not a real answer to the problem. i'm telling you house conservative members, won't support the mcconnell plan. this is kicking the can down the road. >> reporter: house republicans are expected to voted on allowing an increase in the debt ceiling until next year. but democrats say there's no support in the senate for it. either way, republicans say the agreement needs to make big changes. >> if we don't do something real, they're going to down grade us, whether it debt ceiling gets passed august 2nd or not. >> reporter: the white house budget director made it clear the president wants the largest deal possible to reduce the deficit. >> we would like to get that done now. if that can't happen, the president has shown he's willing to make the kinds of
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moves that are necessary to get there. but if there's not a similar willingness, we should do as much as we can now. >> reporter: many lawmakers seem to think congress will not let the united states default. if that's true, that decision will have to be made in over two weeks. sarah simmons, fox five news. herman cain weighed in. >> it's political posturing. the congressman talked about pay the interest on the debts, take care of the military families and social security checks. that will work. what the president and democrats don't want to do is then make the cut on whatever
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is left. >> wednesday the teaparty.will host a forum on twitter. a fundraiser is planned this week for congresswoman giffords. major developments in the u.k. hacking scandal. a high ranking official quit, and a former newspaper editor is under arrest. one unlucky airline passenger went to sleep thinking he was headed to seattle. you won't believe where he actually woke up. those are some of the stories headed your way as the 10 continues.    
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new developments in the hacking scandal. former news executive rebecca brooks was released hours after
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police arrested her. meanwhile, london's police commissioner has resigned. >> reporter: brooks's spokesman says she went to the police by appointment and ended up under arrest in the latest twist to the phone hacking scandal which has involved not only the media, but certain members of the government accused of being too close to powerful players in the media, and even to police who have been accused of taking bribes. the head of scotland yard resigned without warning today. police were under attack for having hired a form news of the world deputy editor as a consultant, the editor arrested friday. the metropolitan police commissioner said he had nothing to hide. and felt the media attention was a to himself and colleagues and with demands on
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police, he felt he had to step aside. >> i carry the ultimate responsibility for the position we find ourselves in. with hindsight, i wish we had judged the matters involved in this affair differently. i didn't, and that's that. >> reporter: rebecca brooks was arrested in connection with conspiracy to intercept communications and corruption stemming from the allegations of bribing police for information. brooks has always claimed she didn't know about the alleged phone hacking that went on under her watch as editor of the news of world several years back. in london, april kellogg, fox news. former egyptian president is reportedly in a coma. that is the word tonight from a lawyer for the 83-year-old. a medical official at the hospital where he has been held under arrest denied the report,
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saying the ex leader is in stable condition. mubarak's lawyers say the doctors are working to bring him back to consciousness. one of karzai's -- three men opened fire outside the house of the advisor. police killed one of the attackers before he could detonate the explosives he had on a bomb vest. secretary of state hillary clinton speaking out on the crisis in greece. she promised the u.s. will stand by greece as it implements tough budget reforms. secretary clinton is coming up strongly in favor of tough budget reforms that sparked riots and unrest in the cradle of democracy. greece's foreign minister says her pledge means a lot. >> greece has inspired the
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world before and i have every confidence that you are doing so again. >> secretary clinton is on a diplomatic sprint around the world. next up, stops in turkey, indonesia and china. a man headed home to seattle ended up in germany instead. not seattle, germany. he made it to the east coast of the u.s., but that's when his family says delta airlines made a big mistake. now they want answers. james lynch spoke with the family. >> reporter: when he got to new york tuesday, he believed his journey to seattle was just about over. after a brief layover, he had his boarding pass in hand, and although he speaks very little english, he says delta officials showed him where to go. >>(translator): went through the check in and i was directed by the officers to go into the
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plane. at that point, i met quite a few russian people flying to seattle as well. >> reporter: but he says the officer's directions weren't as clear as they needed to be. >>(translator): there was two planes sitting side by side. >> reporter: he got on the wrong plane. >>(translator): i went to the plane, took my assigned seat. being tired as i was, i fell asleep. when i woke up, i expected to see some dark outside, but i saw the sun was starting to come up and that's what was a little unusual. >> reporter: unusual, because he wasn't in the skies over seattle. he was on final approach to frankfurt, germany. meanwhile, his son was waiting at seattle, and was terrified
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when he spotted his father's luggage but not his father. >> i thought maybe he had a heart attack somewhere and nobody noticed, or attacked and left in a bathroom somewhere. >> reporter: after a few phone calls, everybody knew he was in germany and delta officials were arranging a flight to the u.s. but how did it happen? a delta spokesman said, this issue is not security related, because the passenger was subject to physical screening at the tsa check point. rather, our investigation into this matter will focus on the procedures that were used in boarding his flight. the man still insists delta should have done more, and he has written a letter to the airline. for now, the family is happy to have grandpa home in seattle. and he, as you might imagine, is happy to finally be here as well. >>(translator): i crossed the ocean once, and then without knowing it, i crossed the ocean a second time. and all of a sudden i needed to
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cross it one more time. a somber anniversary in new york. today marks 15 years since the crash of twa flight 800. the paris bound plane exploded just after takeoff in the skies over long island, killing all 230 people on board. friends and families honored the victims today by dedicating a memorial garden in long island, which included an evening prayer service and coast guard fly over. space shuttle "atlantis" is expected to leave the international space station and head back to earth early tuesday morning. astronauts have been hauling gear and got one of the computers back online two days after it abruptly stopped working. the crew delivered supplies to the space station as well. this is the final mission of the shuttle program. one couple proves it's never too late at a second
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chance for love. how the relationship came full circle 60 years later. two montgomery county neighborhoods are fighting back after crime.   
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ohio couple is getting a second chance at love. even the bride's daughters are calling this marriage a fairy tale. this is a wedding that was 62 years in the making. >> today i am going to be a new person. >> have to get my shoes on. >> i'm going to start a new life. i am getting married today. i am marrying a minister. >> beautiful. >> he asked me to get married before. i wasn't ready to get married at that time. so we didn't get married then. >> 62 years to be exact. i asked her to marry me and she said she wasn't ready. after things happened like they did, i felt myself that the
10:25 pm
lord brought us back together again, give us a second chance. >> oh, my god, my mother getting married. kind of a fairy tale. it's exciting. ♪ >> at her age, you don't ever think about having to deal with having another man in the house. i watched her come down the aisle, i was like, oh, my gosh, this is really true. >> she's happy and he's treated her well, so we're excited. >> you may now kiss the bride. [applause] >> we're doing something we should have done 60 something years ago. blah. >> they held on to that kiss a while, didn't they?
10:26 pm
people in two parts of montgomery county are taking action, after a series of similar crimes in their area. how neighbors are helping each other fight back. it seems like just about everyone was a soccer fan today, and the u.s. women's team chased their world cup dream. we spoke with some stars of tomorrow about their dreams of making it big time, too. ♪
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they aren't exactly hot beds for crime, but kensing ton and chevy chase are victims of crime. neighbors are fighting it an old fashioned way with neighborhood watch groups. audrey has a closer look. >> montgomery county is enjoying a downturn in crime in
10:30 pm
every area but burglaries. police welcome help from neighbors. >> they broke through this window here. >> reporter: bill and his family had just returned from a trip to california on july 3rd. put their stuff away in the garage and went to bed. only to wake up the next morning to find someone had broken into the garage overnight. >> we had four other bikes in here. a chainsaw, a weed whacker, and a table saw and miter saw. >> reporter: because of the amount and type of items stolen, he doesn't think it's a work of teenagers. >> i can't see a teenager doing this. it was someone who knew what they were doing. [dog barking] >> reporter: two big dogs and a 6-foot tall fence couldn't keep thieves out of kristen scott's yard. her home was burglarized twice in june. they made off with a racing bike, power and yard tool. >> i never thought somebody
10:31 pm
would come in my particular yard and take something off the porch. >> reporter: scott is now trying to form a neighborhood watch. so people living in kensington can look out for each other. >> don't be afraid to get involved. it's getting out of hand and we need to put a stop now. >> reporter: acting police chief in chevy chase is trying to get a neighborhood watch going there. there have been six burglaries in the village so far, more than they've had in an entire year most time. police say neighborhood watch groups can help. >> we endorse this program, where groups of neighbors get together, get to know one another better and look out for one another. >> reporter: bill says sign him up. >> we have some of the best police protection in montgomery county. but they certainly can't do it
10:32 pm
all. >> interested residents should check their local areas. montgomery county police are train you about the best way to run them. national night out is august 2nd. that's when residents across the country are encouraged to get out, meet their neighbors and send a message though thieves to stay out of their community. will? >> audrey barnes, thank you. a heart breaking loss for the u.s. team, but world cup fever hit close to home tonight. soccer fans gathered in falls church to watch the women's team take on japan. it was one of many viewing parties taking place in our area, where fans came out to cheer on the players. the u.s. women's team did have high level supporters. president obama and the first family also watched team u.s.a.'s matchup and they aren't the only team's high profile fans. cheering in frankfurt were joined by the vice president's wife, jill biden. the university of maryland
10:33 pm
soccer camp watched the match day's game inspired a new generation of athletes. >> reporter: victoria drove 10 hours from canada to attend the soccer camp. all she and her teammates could talk about was how the u.s. women's soccer team was finally helping them get respect from the boys. >> it's so good to be a female. you should see the facebook status from all my guy friends. it's so great, because they're finally understanding how proud we are. >> reporter: as the head coach of the university of maryland's soccer team, brian is the camp's director. >> we get these moments like this, making a world cup final, we have to celebrate. >> reporter: he encouraged his campers to watch japan's skill handling the ball and the
10:34 pm
athleticism of the u.s. team. this sophomore received a shoe from u.s. soccer store abbey wombat. >> one of the greatest layers ever. >> reporter: she wants to follow in her footsteps and is confident she'll make the national team. >> oh, yeah, no worries. >> reporter: for her and another new generation of soccer players, the women will be number one again. tisha thompson, fox five news. >> to give you an idea how seriously she wants to be on the team, she attended soccer camp in the morning, and watched the u.s.a. match, and went off for soccer practice. just a regular day. a golfer made a name for himself today. and gwen, triple digits, right?
10:35 pm
we are. look at the temperatures now at this hour of the night. to the deep south, all this heat from the midsection to the south is headed up the mid- atlantic. we'll have the forecast later, join us again after the break.  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there?
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dave ross on deck to get the sports headlines happening overseas, like the world cup. >> huge event, and we are hoping today will be a day for americans to celebrate for years to come. it was a huge day, especially for the women's soccer team. world soccer team. phil mickelson, in the end today, the u.s.a. will have to settle for second. we start with the soccer in germany. u.s. team entered undefeated in 25 matches all time versus japan. including three wins alone this
10:39 pm
year. looked good in the 104th minute. tied at 1. 13th career world cup goal, that's the most in u.s. history. u.s. up 2-1. in the 117th minute, japan in the corner, and fifth goal of the tourney for her. tied at 2. the u.s. did not do well. japan did, three of four. japan shocks the u.s. to win its first world cup. to england we go, final round of the open championships. phil mickelson 6 under par for the first 10 holes. for eagle and a share of the lead, but lefty faded. tying for 2nd. this is for eagle, regains the
10:40 pm
lead by 2. dustin johnson, only one shot back, but what is this layup? white stakes, that is out of bounds. tied for send with mickelson. clark, all he had to do was tap this in. bogeyed the last two holes and still won by three. his first major championship in his 20th year at the open championship. congratulations to clark. nats and braves, rubber game in atlanta. with a man on, espinoza going out. two run jack. 17th of the year. nats up 8-7. the braves rally, tie in the 8th and in the 9th they win in. freddie freeman, and off matthews, here comes prado, braves win 9-8. starting pitcher had to leave the game after two innings with a
10:41 pm
twisted ankle. we'll update his situation. >> love that darren clarke story. >> he celebrated with a pint of guinness. >> a pint? >> i'm sure there were many more to go. thanks. still ahead, casey anthony is a free woman tonight. but her troubles are far from over. what her future may look like, coming up.   navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent
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a day of fun in the sun at rfk stadium. the carnival ends in a little more than an hour. families enjoyed their rides and treats like funnel cakes. >> we need one more player for a large sized ride. >> i'm so glad they brought this back to the stadium.
10:45 pm
>> i'm here with my daughters, grandson and granddaughter. bring them for the fair the last day it's here. i come for the polish sausage. >> enjoy the food, the rides. they're extremely exciting. >> i'm a little scared to get on the rides, so i'm going enjoy all the fun food here. >> i'm going look for the fried oreos you were talking about. >> i had a funnel cake. funnel cake and french fries. it is good, because the sugar and powder. >> did you get on any of the scary rides? >> i didn't. my daughter did. the reason i didn't get on the rides, it was for my daughter. >> it's okay to say you're scared. i won't judge you. >> i eat healthy. i make most of the food i eat. but this is a fun day of the year, so a funnel cake isn't going to hurt you one time. >> it's sweet and home made.
10:46 pm
and we cook it fresh. it's called elephant ear. >> no sudden surprise. now is the time to get in and now is the time to try to win. the winner of this race takes a large sized prize. >> we had a great time, me and my two kids, and enjoying the sights and glad it came back. gwen was saying she's never had a fried oreo. you have to try one at least once. >> okay. have you? >> what do you think? >> no -- >> would i call you on it? >> yes. >> i have had one and funnel cake. let's say today was a good day to end the carnival. tomorrow starting something new. >> serious heat. we have hot weather headed your way. typical washington, where the temperatures go up and down, up and down. that's what's happening, as we move into a brand-new week. it is really warm outside right now, even at this hour. take a look outside. we don't have much in the form of cloud coverage out there.
10:47 pm
skies are fairly clear. really nice shot. it is fairly warm outside right now. that is actually the beginning of what we're headed for. the week will start off with sunshine. unsettled weather in there. but sunny for the day. the heat wave is definitely on the way. wait until you see my five-day forecast, with the temperatures. humidity is making a return as well. sticky, muggy and down right uncomfortable. we'll have to deal with that. and we have some things brewing in the tropics we'll talk about tonight. so today's temperatures were up there also. we hit 89 degrees at national. same at dulles. 91 at baltimore today. yes, we were above the seasonal average for today. and tonight it is 82 degrees this hour at national airport. we've got 77 at fredericksburg. 75 winchester. 80 at baltimore. 81degrees at annapolis. very warm outside.
10:48 pm
here's where we're headed for. current temperatures along the eastern seaboard compare it to the south, intense heat wave already hitting areas where they've had triple digit highs and also the heat indices for this region, the midsection to the south, has been triple digits, and it's moving to the mid-atlantic. that's what we'll be in store for, the temperatures rise into the triple digits. not much happening from the cloud coverage. a lot of moisture streaming from the gulf states and south. that will set us up in our neighborhoods, especially the far west for patchy fog in the overnight hours tonight. also in the tropics, we have our second tropical storm. it's brett, just off the coast of the bahamas. it's moving out to sea. so really no problem for land as far as the u.s. is concerned. bahamas could see 1 to 3 inches of rainfall from it. it's drifting slowly now and
10:49 pm
not expected to intensify to beyond a tropical storm. ridge of high pressure in control for us until tomorrow. looking at a chance of thunderstorms in the overnight hours, near the mason dixon line. and tuesday, will move across our region and give us storms as well. in terms of this heat, headed to 95 degrees tomorrow. will feel like it's about 100 degrees. drink plenty of water, stay hydrated. do not leave your pets outside in this weather. make sure they have plenty of water and shade and don't leave kids or animals in cars for any length of time. code orange tomorrow, unhealthy. no prolonged periods of time outside, especially elderly people and young children. and a few other tips if you can do them. tonight, a mild night ahead and warm night as i should say. 71degrees. tomorrow, air quality code
10:50 pm
orange. sunny and hot. will feel like 101 degrees. triple digits thursday and friday, and will feel like it's 105 degrees or more. could feel like 110 in some areas. be aware of this. that heat is really very dangerous. gwen, thanks. we've been warned. casey anthony walks out of jail a free woman today. she was released shortly after midnight. nearly two weeks ago she was found not guilty of first degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter. security was on high alert, as protesters gathered outside the facility. >> she had such a jury trial that was a bunch of jokes. a 6-year-old would have made a more conscious effort decision than what they actually did. >> casey was given about $500 in cash from her jail account. it's not clear where casey will stay or what she's going to do next. but fox news interviewed a television producer tonight who
10:51 pm
claims he has a $1 million deal set in place with casey anthony and she will take a lie detector test during the interview. that claim, though, has not been independently confirmed. the next one is about as bad as it gets. 35-year-old new york city man accused of kidnapping and dismembering an 8-year-old boy. we're learning more about the and what may be a pattern of strange behavior. dozens of people rallied in new york today on behalf of the hotel maid who accused dominick strauss-kahn of rape. organizers who wanted the manhattan d.a.'s office to prosecute strauss-kahn in
10:52 pm
support of rape victims. prosecutors found out the housekeeper had a credibility issue. nasty surprise for worshipers at four churches in new jersey. vandals destroyed at least 30 statutes. some were valued at about $100,000 and came from italy. we should tell you we'll have more on the story from new york coming up. drivers in california have been spared. take a look, blockades on the 10-mile stretch of the 405 freeway have been removed. much to the delight of commuters, traffic is flowing again. we'll show you as we continue here on the 10.     
10:53 pm
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july is now the month of
10:56 pm
the ricky mcdistrict. it's a new cocktail at the morriott beth parker has more. >> reporter: maybe to you, this is air conditioning. in the 1880s, this was ac. >> it's air conditioning in a glass. >> reporter: it's called the rickey, that's officially found its place as washington's native cocktail. >> by the power invested in me, hereby recognizing the rickey as the native cocktail of washington, d.c., and hereby declares the month of july ricky month in the district of columbia. [applause] >> reporter: the rickey was invented in 1883 in what is now
10:57 pm
the jw marriott hotel. then it was a saloon in the heart of washington's rum row. but d.c.'s mix master derrick brown will tell you there's no rum in a ricky. >> made with bourbon, gin or rye. the key is have a fresh lime. squeeze the juice into the glass. the best version of the rickey is gin. >> reporter: top off with club sewed soda. >> he would have his bourbon wine every morning. the newspaper operated around the corner, so they could get their story, get their drink, and file their story. >> reporter: this happened not long after the civil war, an important time in our nation's history. >> would have loved to be a fly
10:58 pm
on the wall, or more appropriately, i would have loved to be a fly at the bar. >> reporter: for a toast to the rickey, still stirring discussion after a century of refreshment. beth parker, fox five news. we're heading into the news edge right now. a showdown over pedicabs. i'm will thomas. d.c. is set to impose a new set of rules for the tourist favorite. the drivers say they feel like they're under siege from all sides. roz prater starting off the news edge tonight. >> reporter: the pedicab drivers will be the first to tell you their numbers are growing. but they say so is the tension between them and park police on the national mall. >> this year more than last,
10:59 pm
we're being treated something like prostitutes out here, where it's a crime where most of the time the cops look the every way, but every now and then they bust heads. >> reporter: tensions came to a head friday evening, when an officer arrested one of the drivers and tased him. witnesses claim it was unprovoked. >> the park police officer got on top of him and held him on the ground, face down, and said get on your back, get on your back, twice, as he was pinning him on his face and fired the taser a second time. >> reporter: a spokesman for the police said the driver was tased after he assaulted the officer. he also denied any crack down, saying officers are simply going after drivers who clog the roadways, impede traffic and stand illegally in handicapped and crosswalk spaces. now there is word that d.c. is on track to regulate the pedicabs, too. mayor gray said this week they're just trying to figure

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